Why We Use The Water Fed Pole

Why We Use The Water Fed Pole

By In Our systems On 14/11/2014

Water-fed poles are slowly getting momentum as a better alternative for window cleaning than the more traditional methods. Businesses are slowly trying to adapt to this new way of cleaning their windows. If you haven’t gotten one yet or are contemplating to but aren’t sure if you should, this article aims to clear the misconceptions about water-fed poles, tell you what they exactly are and what are the advantages of using them.

What exactly is a water-fed pole?

A water-fed pole is basically a pole that is attached to a tank that is filed with purified water. At the tip of the pole is a brush that does the cleaning. There are other parts that are included in a water-fed pole but these are the primary ones that you need to get acquainted with. The water is pumped from the tank, to the pole through a hose and is released at the tip where the brush is attached. As you move the pole, the brush will be able to remove the dirt and the water coming out of it will wash them away. Once you have covered the whole area using the brush, you will have to move it away from the window and spray more water on the area. This will give the window a final wash. After this, the area is left to dry on its own. You also don’t have to worry about minerals and residue forming on your window that could cause clouding because the water that is used is absolutely purified.

Why is it better than traditional window cleaning methods?

Water-fed poles are becoming popular and for a number of good reasons. It is not only a better window cleaning solution for the people who have to do the cleaning but also for the businesses who are hiring them. Here are some of the reasons why water-fed poles are better than the traditional ways of window cleaning:

  • The probability of damage to your property decreases significantly if you choose to use water-fed poles to clean your windows. Heavy ladders could tip over and break your windows or damage your building’s walls.
  • Water-fed poles are easier to use and are faster.
  • The safety of the people who are cleaning your windows is guaranteed because they no longer have to do the work manually. All the work that needs to be done is on the ground.
  • The water-fed pole method of cleaning has been proven to have better results in cleaning the window panes and frames than the traditional cloth.
  • Chemicals are not used in the process.
  • The finish is cleaner and clearer than when using a cloth where smears and prints can be left.
  • Water-fed poles can reach areas that traditional window cleaning methods cannot reach. It can also easily reach areas as high up as 70 feet.
  • Because all the work is done on ground level, the privacy and concentration of the people working on the floors where the windows are being cleaned won’t be compromised.
  • The 100% pure water deep cleans windows and frames, leaving a superb finish